My Expertise

There are many areas that I am skilled at addressing; these are some of the most common reasons that people start a psychotherapy relationship with me. I have provided under each some basic information about how I think about and begin to address the issue. That said, I am able adapt to the uniqueness of your particular situation and do not hold rigidly to any one approach. This is something that we navigate together.

There are many other reasons that people start a therapy relationship. This list is certainly not exhaustive. Oftentimes people start therapy for no particular reason just a vague sense that “something is missing” or that they “don’t feel right”. Whatever brings you to the point of exploring psychotherapy as an option is a perfectly valid reason.

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Gender Creative Children and Youth

Sexuality and Gender Identity

Children and Youth


Grief and Loss

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



Anger Issues

Eating Disorders

Self-Harming Behaviours


Relationship Difficulties – Separation, Divorce

Self Esteem Issues


Abuse Recovery

Communication Issues

Self-Actualization and Goal Achievement


Life Transitions