“I can’t stand it anymore!”
“This can’t be normal. Can it? I can barely get myself out of bed.”
“My moods are like a rollercoaster except I never know what’s up ahead.”

Life can be difficult, and I can help. There are research-proven methods and approaches that do change the experience of depression. Feeling normal again and functioning to your capacity is achievable.

There are many potential causes and situations that create depression and a destabilized mood. Making sense of all these requires a skilled, experienced, and attuned psychotherapist. Together we will work to sort through the possible causes and then create a plan to treat your depression and mood disruptions.

Depression and a highly fluctuating mood profoundly impacts relationships. A psychotherapy relationship provides you with the clinical expertise to ensure a thorough assessment and treatment that is grounded in current research but most importantly from a compassionate, non-judgmental understanding of the human experience.

Solutions range from immediate quick fixes that help to achieve life stability to longer-term exploration to ensure a deep understanding of the causes. First steps ensure immediate safety and a return to a basic functioning level.
Next steps explore thoughts, feelings, beliefs and life experiences to better understand how depression and mood swings function and have been created.

It is not uncommon for people to find their moods intolerable due to cultural messages to only feel happy. People often feel that if they can’t get themselves back to happy then something must be wrong. Fostering a more accepting attitude of the normal highs and lows of life can alleviate a lot of internal pressure.

I can provide a thorough assessment of your situation and provide clear direction. This collaborative process will provide you with tools, skills, and a supportive relationship to create the change you need to see in your life.