Clinical Supervision

Service providers in the field and psychotherapists require in depth clinical supervision for the prevention of vicarious trauma and to ensure that optimum services are being provided to our clientele. Clinical supervision is best delivered by someone who has a range of direct service experience, proficient with progressive theories, and has the integrity to ensure service delivery practices are consistent with various codes of ethics.

Having worked in children’s services, adult mental health, case management, and having built a thriving private practice for the past 15 years I have a wealth of experience to share. My professional development and teaching subjects have ensured that my practice integrates the most contemporary neurobiological and cognitive techniques. Personally, I have participated in in-depth psychotherapy for over 30 years, partaken in in-depth process groups, facilitated groups, and currently share a peer supervision group. Finally, I have been providing clinical supervision for 5 years on an individual basis. It is my hope to be able to provide a group model supervision as time allows.