Life Crises

A life crisis may occur from life changes such as moving house, losing a job, getting divorced, the death of a loved one, or it may occur for what seems to be no reason at all. A crisis may affect you in different ways: you may find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning or challenging to focus on your job or connect with others or you may just feel out of sorts, unhappy or dissatisfied.

Crisis occurs in every person’s life at some point. Being in a life crisis does not mean that you are sick, crazy, or a failure. It may simply mean that your normal ways of coping are no longer working.

Despite their difficulty, there are many opportunities to be found in a crisis. You may develop coping techniques that are more vibrant and healthy. It may be an opportunity to alter life circumstances that no longer work for you, such as a career change or a place of residence. A crisis may help you to take stock of your life and re-examine how you want to live.

Experiencing a life crisis is an excellent time to initiate a therapeutic relationship. A therapist can provide options for better coping mechanisms and techniques to use through the crisis period. Additionally, speaking with a therapist, a person that is not intimately connected to your life and your crisis, means having someone with whom to process life events, examine perceptions, and consider long-term goals. Finally, a therapeutic relationship provides a non-judgmental conversation to assist you in the process of making life choices.