Psychotherapy is a deep exploration of the self, a long-term process of coming to understand yourself as an individual in relationship with you, others, and the meaning of your existence.

Psychotherapy explores the past, present and future. As your therapist, a deep understanding of child development, familial systems, neurobiology and relational patterns inform me, and consequently you, about the ways in which your past experiences may be influencing you in the present.

Examining your patterns of relating, expectations and needs within relationships allow you to live your life more consciously. Without examining these patterns, your current relationships are modelled after your initial relationships with friends and family. If these were relationships created with honesty, empathy and compassion, then current relationships will be similar. If these elements were not present, then you may be re-enacting relationships that were not mutually fulfilling. The more awareness you have, the more able you are to live your life consistent with your own priorities and worldview.

As the therapeutic relationship is itself a relationship, it may also be susceptible to re-enactment of past relationship scripts. As your therapist, I take responsibility for my own contribution to this through supervision, peer supervision, and regular reflection and personal work.

The psychotherapeutic process has its historical roots in psychoanalysis. I have been informed deeply by this history. As well, I am committed to lifelong learning and have incorporated more modern theoretical perspectives into my practice. Intersubjectivity, neuropsychology, trauma theory, attachment and child development, cognitive behaviour theory, sensorimotor theory, queer theory, anti –oppression theory and post modern theory are integral to the contemporary human experience. Finally, I am informed by the lived experience of the amazing people who have entrusted their life stories to me and bravely shared their journeys.