Grief Intervention

Grief takes a tremendous toll on us physically, emotionally and intellectually. Often time people who are coping with grief experience the workplace as a refuge. When the workplace is the place wherein they knew the person, then grief and work must coexist. This is complicated by the fact that individually we all move uniquely through grief. Staff teams affected by grief can become fractured by individual differences and sensibilities with respect to grief.

A therapeutic process is necessary to educate, guide and support staff teams toward a healthy integration of grief. Learning about the effects of grief and how differently it can be expressed allows individuals to accept their own process while acknowledging other’s differences. Being able to collaborate with others in a therapeutic process creates an environment wherein grief is normalized and respected. The result is that organizations can continue to efficiently function at the same time as space is created to support individual process.

Organizations benefit the most when a therapeutic process is provided early. Intervention that is available immediately allows the trajectories of healthy coping to be set. Natural tensions of individual difference do not develop into interpersonal discord and stress. Early intervention demonstrates a respect for the impact of loss on us personally and professionally.