Stress Management

Although the term stress is a fairly new concept applied to human experience its use is prevalent in contemporary society. Stress is natural and expected for any experience of change, positive or negative. The rate of change in contemporary society is astronomical and knows no historical comparison. As a result the past generation’s knowledge and experience of coping with change offers little present day support.

Providing stress management workshops to workplaces and organizations provides recognition for the efforts people take in completing objectives. At once, it builds greater capacity for adapting to changing societal demands and family obligations. This capacity allows for greater efficiency resulting in more time and energy for creative efforts. No longer a victim of stress participants feel able to thrive and feel vital.

Dependent on the context, stress may manifest physically, emotionally or intellectually. As a result stress management interventions and workshops are co-created with your unique situation in mind. The most up to date and progressive techniques are used to provide psycho-education on identifying stress and utilizing various techniques to overcome its effects. Participants feel empowered to act in ways that maximize their coping and health. A renewed hope in the future and ability to live life in a self directed manner prevails.